The economic crisis in Greece is affecting Rhodes very seriously. Many shops in the centre of town are closing, people are losing their jobs, building work is slowing up and more men are out of work than ever before. This affects many of the migrant workers in particular. We are experiencing an ever increasing number of people seeking help.

Clothes and food are being distributed from the monastery on a daily basis. The parish organizes events to encourage parishioners to bring gifts of food for those in need especially during Advent and Lent.

It seems those who need help often have jobs during the summer season with so many tourists in Rhodes. However the money they earn, and often it is little, has to last them throughout the winter. They are often without even the basic necessities by the time the next summer season begins. For the ever increasing number of immigrants who arrive in Rhodes, we are still able to give free lessons in Greek and English during the winter. This has proved both useful and enjoyable.

We thank those who give their time freely and generously to help these people.

We have a team of people who between them speak several foreign languages and are able to put those in need in touch with agencies that might be able to help them. Often immigrants arriving here literally have no idea where to turn. A friendly face and someone who actually speaks their language is a source of great comfort.

There is an ever growing number of elderly ex-pats on Rhodes. They do not have the extended families that the local Greeks enjoy. They too need regular contact. This whole issue of the elderly needs further discussion and organisation for the future as the numbers of elderly people who live alone continue to grow.

We are always hopeful that we can continue to bring God’s love through Caritas to those who need it most.

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''Preserving the freedom of whole and pure love is fundamental in today’s world, above all in the Holy Land. Following the example of Francis of Assisi, we brothers live in the hearts of the people, sharing their worries, looking for freedom in the face of all else, and loving everyone equally.''