Parish News

Kos, a cultural exchange for the future

Fr Luke writes:
The Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows marked a moving and important event in the Catholic cemetery in Kos.
For the second year running, Pietro Giovanni Liuzzi organised a ceremony for the soldiers who lost their lives in Kos during the Second World War. Since it was the Feast of the Mother of Sorrows I was personally contemplating the sorrow experienced by the mothers of these soldiers who had said goodbye to their sons for the last time, never to see them again and I was also praying for the souls of all the faithful departed who have given their lives in good faith for noble causes. May the Lord grant unto all, eternal repose.

It was a pleasure to learn that the event brought together the cultures of Greece and Italy in a positive cultural way. The past can never be forgotten and yet the aim of this relationship between Kos and Latina is not merely one of past events, which will one day be marked with a museum in Kos, but also hope for future cultural exchange. Doctor Mauro Corturan, president of the Latina Commission for Culture, spoke so movingly of past sacrifices and looked ahead to the ways in which scholarships in Italy for schools and agricultural colleges might benefit the young people of Kos in the future. There were many young people present at the ceremony learning from the past to build a harmonious peaceful future. The peaceful setting of the Catholic Cemetery of Kos is well maintained by the many volunteers of many nations who give their time and love to care for the final resting place of an international community whilst at the same time remembering and honouring the memory of the fallen soldiers whose bones once rested there before being returned to their home land.

The Mayor of Kos spoke warmly and enthusiastically. He is much liked by the people of Kos for his simple, gentle and caring approach. A man who learns from the past to construct a better future with dedication and zeal.

The events and photographs in the book written by Pietro Liuzzi, “Kos, a forgotten Tragedy” are informative, and of important historical significance for the Island of Kos. I was proud to receive a personal copy from the author and intend to recommend the book to others. My copy will be stored in the archive of the Catholic Church in Rhodes to be appreciated and used by future generations. No tragedy deserves to be forgotten and we thank you Pietro Liuzzi for your friendship and interest in the events past, present and future of the island of Kos.