Parish News

Our Polish Connection

Our Parish has a strong and ever growing connection with Poland for which we give thanks to God. We have a number of Polish parishioners and in the summer months Holy Mass is attended by hundreds of Polish visitors to Rhodes. They are so true to their faith! Our own Fr Pawel, who has been with us for nearly two years and is now permanently working in the Custody of the Holy Land, also hails from Poland.
In June 2011 we had a visit from Fr. Paschalis ofm, who is the Commissariat of the Custody of the Holy Land in Poland. He and his team have been such a great support to us and we thank him most sincerely. Fr. Darek Sambora accompanied him and stayed for several weeks. Then Fr. Piotrek Blajer ofm came to us again for some weeks this summer, and, as usual, he worked from dawn to dusk! We all enjoy his visits immensely. Two Polish postulants, Tomek and Amadeusz, also came for a few weeks,. They worked with Father Piotrek and had an hour of Modern Greek each evening. They were clothed as novices on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 2011.