Parish News

Parish Trip to Kos

On Friday 8th March, a beautiful spring day which made the sea trip to and fro calm and altogether delightful, some members of the Parish Pastoral Council accompanied Fr Luke and the Custos on a trip to Kos. Also in the party were our electrician, an architect and the iron master, all of whom were to survey and measure for further restorations at the Church of the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei) and the Catholic Cemetery on Kos.
The visit gave the opportunity for members of the two parishes to meet each other and after a lovely Mass where we remembered dear Père Michel in the prayers for the dead, we all enjoyed tea and coffee with biscuits and cake organised by Monica, the president of the Kos Britannic Society.
The Custos is particularly grateful to Ms Sharon Lloyd-Memis, the parishioner who takes care of the day-to-day administration of the Kos parish. She looks after the maintenance of the properties as well as the care of all the visiting priests. She and her group of volunteers drive these priests to and from the airport and organise their laundry, food and day-to-day necessities during their stay. Here, as in Rhodes, the Custos expressed his admiration and thanks for so many willing helpers and supporters.