Island of Rhodes

The Church of Our Lady of Victory has a history that goes back to the 18th century. The church, affectionately known in the town as “Sancta Maria”, is in the central district of Neohori. Attached to the church itself is the Franciscan monastery... (read more)
Address: 45 Kathopouli St. Rhodes Town
Phone: + [30] 2241022305
Directions: The church is centrally located. If you have any difficulty ask for directions to “The Casino” a well known local landmark. The Church is only a very short distance from there.
Wheelchair Access: Yes [From Dragoumi St. Entrance]

The Church of St Francis of Assisi was consecrated in 1939 and is the Catholic Cathedral of Rhodes. It is built on the edge of the Old City in the area popularly known as San Francisco. There is a tall bell tower, which has recently been restored, with a spectacular view from the top. The bell tower is a Rhodian landmark…(read more)

Address: 28 Dimokratias St. Rhodes Town
Phone: +[30] 2241023605
Directions: The Church of St. Francis is situated close to the walls of the Old City and just a short distance beyond the University.
Wheelchair Access: Requires minor assistance, which is available

The Chapel of St Anne was a gift to the Catholic Church in the 19th century by Henri Masse in loving memory of his wife Adelaide. It is a small chapel in the district of Ixia with a convent house and garden attached… (read more)

Address: 37 Sotiros St. Trianda
Phone: [30] 2241022305
Directions: Ask for “Supermarket Páppou” on the main road between the Airport and Rhodes Town. Go up the road directly opposite this and take the first turn right. The chapel is on your right after about 150 metres. Ideal for Iallysos, Kremasti etc.
Wheelchair Access: Requires minor assistance, which is available.

The chapel of the Holy Cross is in the Catholic Cemetery of Rhodes and is used mostly for funerals and memorial services. Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead is said here once a month… (read more)

Address: Catholic Cemetery. Kallithea Ave. Rhodes Town (coast road to Faliraki)
Phone: +[30] 2241022305
Directions: The Chapel is in the Catholic Cemetery, near the farmers’ market on the coast road to Kallithea Spa and Faliraki.
Wheelchair Access: Assistance is required due to terrain.

The Chapel is on Alexandriou Diakou St. On the corner with Grivas St.
At the moment the church is totally inaccessible to all due to on-going construction work.
We regret that Celebrations are cancelled until further notice…(read more)

Island of Kos

Chapel of the Holy Cross - parish of the Agnus Dei
The chapel of the Holy Cross in Kos is today the only Catholic Church in the city and island of Kos. The chapel is also known Agnus Dei-Lamb of God which was the original name of the parish during the past. The chapel is in the area of the Catholic cemetery, also attended to by the Franciscan fathers...(read more)

Address: Catholic Church Anapavseos Street. Kos.
Directions: The church is on Anapavseos St. which runs by the Cemetery in Kos Town.
Wheelchair Access: Assistance is required due to terrain.