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Easter Message

Lent/Easter, 2011.

This year’s Christmas celebrations were beautiful. The high level music events involved all of the Rhodes society, be they Orthodox, Protestants or Christians. There were Christmas concerts and plays, and the parish kids from the course of Greek enacted a beautiful “Nativity” in front of the Archbishop, many friends and their families.

It is marvelous to see the Franciscan Theatre “Oriens” go back to life again after so many years of abandonment. A small piano concert was organized by the students of a Russian piano teacher; it was beautiful. The archivist, Mrs Lucia Conte, pointed out that back in 1930, the Theatre pianist was also Russian; life does flow in a bigger circle! (…)

Caritas Rhodes grows slowly but steadily. Mrs. Annie Kram is a pious and devoted guide; she will go to Germany for a training seminar sponsored by Caritas Greece. A growing number of people come to the monastery to ask for help. Dr. Manolis, a psychiatrist, is coming to give a course on drug addiction, so that we are better prepared to help those in need in this field through Caritas (…).

A group of volunteers from Jerusalem (…) came to spend some days with us. ATS pro Terra Sancta gives a lot for the Custody (…); indeed, with the help of Father Silvio, the volunteers will help us with our website; their youth and enthusiasm are contagious. Two different groups offered to come and restore some of our works of art. Father Michele Piccirillo ofm came here many times and he promised he would send us some help. He kept his promise and the help will arrive this summer. In Rhodes the people loved him and we often think about him. (…)

The children will have their first Holy Communion on Holy Thursday, a memorable day for such an event in their lives.

The following week we will have the first Holy Communion in Kos, at the Agnus Dei Parish. (…)

We wish you all a happy and blessed Easter.

Father Luca ofm

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